The magazine is currently being printed.

You can still order your copy and I’ll do my best to get it to you before Xmas.

As of today, you can reserve your copy of the upcoming Empowerment issue of Let’s Explore Magazine.
One of the reasons for me to launch this pre-order campaign is to try to minimize making the initial investment – needed to actually produce the magazine – out of my life savings.

This fourth instalment of Let’s Explore Magazine looks into the theme of Empowerment, through 20 contributed stories by storytellers from across the globe. The variety of interpretations, thought-provoking essays, very personal curiosity-driven experiences and stunning images aim to inspire you to go on your own quest.


To help you document your own thoughts, this issue comes with a dedicated notebook, in which you can collect your ideas and make references to passages in the magazine. Being neatly tucked away in the back cover, you will always have your thoughts close to the original inspiration.

Let’s Explore Magazine • The Empowerment Issue


On this page, you will find highlights of the contents of the issue, information about conscious publishing and Friend of LEM options.

To thank you for your order at this stage, I have created some extra options you can choose from. And to top it off, with every pre-ordered issue, I will plant a tree on your behalf and provide you with a certificate of authenticity.

Contents Highlights
The Empowerment issue is a collection of 20 stories and showcases the work created by the collaborating storytellers. The below highlights provide a glimpse of the issue’s contents.

Authenticity Inc.: thoughts on commodification of history, culture and the indigenous image;
Sustainability heroes captured on camera;
New York state of mind; prints from a forgotten roll of film;
India’s forgotten elders;
The dance of self and system
Overcoming fear to find your true self;
A master’s grip; Slavery in Mauritania;

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The power of language, culture, protocol and fight for the Right to Self-Determination;
Ocean’s beauty in mythical waves;
Empowering change as a vector of love;
Death clapped: walking the length of the UK;
I am autistic am I;
Portraits for Mayan families;
200+ lifeboat stations and their heroes on wet collodion;
The only way is through: self-acceptance after trauma;
Humanitarian Power Play;
Seedlings of power;
Travelling heavy; from burden towards communitas;
Females kicking ass inside and outside the ring;
Turning trust into daily magic.

Friend Of LEM

These unique Friend of LEM package deals are only available during the pre-order launch of the issue and include special perks as well as add some additional funding to the project. This way, I can limit my risks a little bit when investing in the initial production of the magazine.

As the magazine has gone to print, Friend of LEM options are no longer available for the Empowerment issue. 

Friends of LEM help me to pay for extra’s like:

  • 100% CO2-neutral, traceable production;
  • my first ever Buy a magazine, Plant a tree campaign;
  • a custom-designed notebook, complimenting this issue;
  • a special binding that opens the magazine fully;
  • high-quality paper that elevates photography and legibility;
  • high-quality envelopes to protect your copies;
  • allocating 10% of the revenue to reduce shipping rates.
Conscious Publishing

By buying a magazine, you’re planting a tree

With the Empowerment issue, I am introducing some sustainability-conscious elements. And by pre-ordering your issue, we’ll be doing something very unique.


For every pre-order, I will make a donation to TreesForAll so that they can plant a tree in your name. I will provide you with a personalized certificate of the donation as well as a copy of the total amount of trees that have been donated by the end of the pre-order phase.

Besides that, this issue will be produced using a 100% climate-neutral production process; certified and traceable through NatureOffice®. A QR-code in the magazine will provide you with all the information about how and where the CO2 of the entire production process has been compensated.

This will not impact the price of the magazine.