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The magazine is funded through single sales and life savings ever since I literally Kickstarted the magazine in 2015. I’m not in it for making money, I have a day job for that. But, making sure that I at least break even is a struggle to say the least. My goal is to keep producing this printed publication in collaboration with incredibly storytellers from across the world for as long as I can. I’m looking into ways of making a little bit extra money, so that, hopefully, I don’t have to keep digging into my savings with each issue.


One of the ways you could help me live my dream of publishing my high quality and independent magazine, is by becoming a Friend of LEM. Your donation will help me to pay for:

  • A special binding, so that the magazine can be fully (!) opened and lay flat without the need of using force
  • High quality envelopes to protect your copies of the perseverance issue during shipping


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