The Friend of LEM options are only available

during the pre-order phase of an issue.

The magazine is currently at the printer, so Friend of LEM perks are no longer available. You can still order regular copies though.

The magazine has been funded through single sales and my life savings ever since I Kickstarted the magazine in 2015. My goal is to keep producing this printed publication for as long as I can and you can help me with that.

The unique package deals I offer during the pre-order stage of an issue, include some perks as well as add some additional funding to the project. This way, I can limit my risks a little bit when investing in the initial production of the magazine.

By becoming a Friend of LEM, you’re helping me to pay for extra’s like:
• 100% CO2-neutral, traceable production (From sourcing raw material, distribution and printing);
• My first ever Buy a magazine, plant a tree campaign for pre-orders;
• A custom-designed notebook, complimenting this particular issue;
• A special, Swiss/Euro, binding so that the magazine can lay flat without the need of using force;
• High-quality paper that elevates photography, without compromising on legibility due to a shiny surface;
• High-quality envelopes to protect your copies during shipping;
• Allocate 10% of the revenue to reducing shipping rates for the consumer.


2 Magazines;

Limited Edition A5 Postcards;

50% discount on shipping;

Name and URL of choice in the magazine

3 Magazines;

Limited Edition A5 Postcards;

FREE Worldwide shipping;

Name and URL of choice in the magazine;

Optional gift-wrapping with a personalized message

If you want to support me without anything in return,

you can donate an amount of your choosing using PayPal or your CreditCard.