LEM02: the Perseverance Issue


LEM01: the Crossroads Issue


LEM00: the Belonging Issue

“Collaborating with storytellers from across the globe, to create and publish stories about inspiring people, places, projects & ideas.”

Let’s Explore Magazine is a when-ready magazine in which I share contributed stories by storytellers from across the globe. Each issue is based upon a single theme which is announced on this page in order for people to pitch their take on this theme.


The final stories are published in the 176-page publication that is produced with nothing but quality in mind, hence the when-ready approach. Besides the quality of the stories, I pay a lot of attention to the production value of the magazine. The paper I chose makes sure legibility and photography can shine. And last but not least, I invested in a special binding, in order for the publication to open easily and lay totally flat, without needing to use force. This way, the content can be presented in full and the ease of flipping through the magazine enhances the overall experience.


The open-minded collaborations and a quality-driven approach to sharing stories make this magazine a unique, timeless and collectable publication.


Theme description and initial brief.


Theme description and initial brief.


Theme description and initial brief.