Let's Explore Magazine

LEM is a when-ready magazine; exploring people, projects, travels, brands & ideas; inspired by a theme, which changes with every issue.


Each issue will be exploring a new theme with an open mind, rather than looking for answers or approching the subject as a ‘problem’ to be solved. Each issue will explore a theme through – for example – essays, photo essays and interviews. It is a starting point for creators to tell their story and we encourage our contributors to push the boundaries of the set theme.
To make sure there is enough time to create an article, the theme will be announced long before we go to print. Signing up for our newsletter ensures you are amongst the first to know the theme for the next issue.


What we love most about print, is that it is able to offer a unique reading experience. The feel and smell of the paper as one leaves through the pages, the presence of a beautiful piece of curated content on my coffee table or on my bookshelves. Besides, it’s nice to be away from my screen every now and again! Therefor the – selected – themed stories will be published in a photography heavy, gorgeously designed and collectable publication. The magazine is printed on a heavy, matt paper stock, which is easy on the eyes for comfortable reading but complimenting the photography at the same time.


The magazine is not about us, but about the stories that are published and the people who create these stories. Through design and lay out, we will do whatever we can, to showcase each and every story the best way we can. This means, that submissions can be pretty broad in terms of subject matter, as long as they fit the theme. And as long as it tells a clear story about why the story is so special for you and why the reader should know about it.
Word count an amount of photography is something we will take a look at after your pitch. We’ll be using the paper real estate that suits your story best. Form follows function is our motto here.
We are all for bending existing rules, so if you want to experiment with a story, have something else in mind or think you’re pushing the boundaries of the theme too much, just drop us a line and we can take it from there.