I believe in the power of creative freedom. But, when submitting for the website or magazine, please keep these guidelines in the back of your mind.

These are not set in stone and I like to be surprised. So if you have any suggestions, other than the what is pointed out below, please let me know and I’m sure we can work something out.

Online features

Our online Features section is where I publish interviews, photo essays, written essays and other medium length stories, created by contributors and myself.


The published subject matter can be extremely broad, so I want to listen to your pitch and take it from there…together. I am fascinated by what makes people tick. I ask myself constantly: “Why do people do what they do?”. I try not to limit myself in sharing inspirational stories, whether the story is about a journey, a certain product someone designed, an idea that’s stuck in someone’s head, a gathering of likeminded people or a simple but mouthwatering dish. I want to hear all those stories and I want the know what’s behind it.


  • a written essay shouldn’t be longer than 2000 words;
  • a photo story with accompanying text shouldn’t have more than 1000 words. The total amount of images in a photo story is up for debate;
  • a photo essay with only a title and a short introduction, is pretty limitless when in comes to the amount of images, but beware of an overkill. In that case, publishing a book might be a better medium.


Other types of stories are also an options. I like to be inspired, so please surprise me. The most important thing is, that the story shows or explaines, why it is worth publishing, well. Keep the following thoughts in mind as you create and you’re golden. If the story is about people, I want to know more than “that person is nice to others”. If it’s a travel story, I want to know what lesson is learned or can be learned from the journey, which unexpected event or experience took place or why a certain journey/location has a special place in your heart. If a brand inspires you through its product and/or ethics, we want to know how their story influenced and shaped the brand.

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Printed magazine

LEM is a when-ready magazine; exploring people, places, projects, brands & ideas; inspired by a theme, which changes with every issue.


The theme for each issue will be announced first to the subscribers of the newsletter and later on, on the website. From this moment on, storytellers from across the globe can submit their take on the set theme. I will work closely with the author, artist, illustrator and/or photographer during the creative process, to ensure that story made, will sit nicely besides the other stories in the magazine. BUT I will limit my interference, as I strongly believe in the power of creative freedom. This provides almost limitless possibilities for each contributor to show his or her best.


The magazine is not about me, but about the stories that are published and the people who create these stories. Through design and lay out, I will do whatever we can, to showcase each and every story the best way I can. This means, that submissions can be pretty broad in terms of subject matter, as long as they fit the theme. And as long as it tells a clear story about why the story is so special for you and why the reader should know about it.
Word count an amount of photography is something I will take a look at after your pitch. We’ll be using the paper real estate that suits your story best. Form follows function is my motto here. I am all for bending existing rules, so if you want to experiment with a story, have something else in mind or think you’re pushing the boundaries of the theme too much, just drop me a line and we can take it from there.

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Let’s Explore Magazine Issue 01
Let’s Explore Magazine Theme 01: Crossroads