Pre-order the Empowerment issue

You can now pre-order your copy of the upcoming Empowerment issue of Let’s Explore Magazine.
The pre-order campaign helps me to minimize my financial risk when making the initial investment
– needed to actually produce the magazine – out of my life savings.

The fourth instalment of Let’s Explore Magazine looks into the theme of Empowerment, through 20 contributed stories by storytellers from across the globe. The variety of interpretations, thought-provoking essays, very personal curiosity-driven experiences and stunning images aim to inspire you to go on your own quest.

To help you document your own thoughts, this issue comes with a dedicated notebook, in which you can collect your ideas and make references to passages in the magazine. Being neatly tucked away in the back cover, you will always have your thoughts close to the original inspiration.

New magazine design
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“Collaborating with storytellers from across the globe,

to create and publish stories about

inspiring people, places, projects & ideas”


My 176-page, high-quality publication is a themed, “when-ready” Magazine; exploring people, places, projects & ideas.

Each issue explores a new theme with an open mind, rather than looking for answers or approching the subject as a ‘problem’ to be solved. It will do so through – for example – contributed essays, photo essays and interviews. It is a starting point for creators and  thinkers to tell their story and I encourage the contributors to push the boundaries of the set theme.

The magazine is not about me, but about the stories that are published and the people who create these stories. Through design and lay out, I will do whatever I can, to showcase each and every story in the best way possible. This means, that submissions can be broad in terms of subject matter, as long as they fit the theme.


The Features section is where I publish interviews, photo essays, written essays and other medium length stories,
created by mainly contributors from all over the globe.